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Do you need an online investigator?

A lot like traditional detective work, but instead of operating in dark alleyways and seedy bars, online investigators are armed with a keyboard and internet connection. We carry out investigations online to expose counterfeiting and brand infringements, in order for you to gather enough evidence to initiate legal proceedings. Find out if you need our investigative online help with a free brand protection status report.

Yellow Brand Protection - Online investigations

Online investigations: The virtual detective work

To uncover and subsequently catch the top offenders, Yellow Brand Protection’s online investigations are carried out with systematic and analytical techniques.

> Gathering evidence and prioritising real-world enforcement efforts. By tracking online infringement activity and collecting evidence across online marketplaces, webshops, domain names and social media, through our platform ZERO™,  we are able to determine “top offenders” to a client’s brand. Furthermore, we can discover their physical whereabouts and contact information, even identifying companies, locations, directorships and more.

> Test purchases and mystery shopping. To confirm or dismiss suspicions, we conduct ‘test purchases’ on your behalf – including collecting evidential documentation through our automated system from a variety of locations. Mystery Shopping includes discreet investigations of "top offenders" in online sales channels.


> Tailored investigations. We customise online investigations to your demands. Our capabilities allow investigations to be conducted in multiple languages and in all of the key sales channels around the world.




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