IP Protection

Whenever your Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are infringed, it affects more than just revenues. Reputations suffer too. Rights that need protecting include patents, trademarks, copyrights, URLs as they all play an essential role in monetizing your hard work. Below, we go through the key infringement categories and broadly outline the solutions available to you.

Redirecting traffic to where it belongs

The vast majority of consumers act in good faith when they make online purchases. They simply assume they are being directed to a legitimate destination. That is why traffic diversion to illicit sites by a variety of methods – cyber- and typosquatting, SEO manipulation and blog entries, for example – is so popular among criminals. We fight it successfully by harnessing advanced technology to monitor millions of pages on the internet in the hunt for suspicious listings. While automated searches are highly effective, they need to be complemented by human skills – because very often the devil is only visible in the details. Our experienced team of analysts is accustomed to spotting even the most deceptive fakes.

IP Protection

Trademark, design and patents – the essentials

Until recently, a trademark could be misused and it would take the rightful owner a long time to find out about the infringement. But nowadays, news spreads at the swipe of an icon. Yellow Brand Protection helps you monitor your brand online to ensure it is not being used without your permission.

If you want to protect your design, the first thing to do is to register it – including its appearance, physical configuration and decoration. It makes it much easier to take legal action if you find someone is attempting to steal or imitate your design. There are other, more physical steps you can take to protect your investment. These include integrating certain design-specific details in your products to make copying them more difficult. Security labels (such as holograms) can also be very useful.

Patents provide more comprehensive protection, but they can be costly. When the time comes to apply for a patent, do so without delay (it can take years before one is granted). And be sure to investigate international patents if you operate across borders. A national patent will not protect you in other jurisdictions.


Know how to react

What exactly do you do when others are profiting from your reputation? At Yellow Brand Protection, we follow a three-step process that has proven to be very effective.

* Search. If volumes are considerable, the only way to be successful is to use automated search technology. Zero, our proprietary platform, covers 99% of all counterfeit sales – thanks to automatic crawling of more than 900 marketplaces worldwide. Our tech team is constantly updating Zero – to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape.

* Identify. Zero automatically identifies key offenders through the cross-checking of data between channels and sites, conducting self-learning risk-based analysis of all matches. To optimize effectiveness, you also need human skills. When it comes to spotting the tiniest detail and recognizing typical behaviour patterns, experienced personnel are essential.

* Eliminate. Thanks to a strong presence on the all-important Chinese market and good relations with site owners and service providers, it is easier for us than most to have listings removed. Our success rate is consistently between 95 and 100%.

Know how to react


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