Having anti-counterfeting measures in place are a must for brands who sell online as counterfeiting affects every market – from fashion and food to pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. Protecting revenue and reputation are of course key goals for putting a stop to counterfeit sales, and so too is safeguarding your customers from health and safety risks.

As the fraudsters become more aware of online detection processes, it’s vital for businesses to ensure that the right anti-counterfeiting strategy with the latest technology is in place. It will not only make it difficult for counterfeiters to profit from a brand’s reputation, but they can also be stopped quickly and effectively.

 Online anti-counterfeiting measures 

Anti-counterfeiting: THE trusted approach

Yellow Brand Protection offer online brand protection services through a combination of industry-leading technology, global expertise with a local presence, and excellent relationships with relevant online providers.

What exactly do you do when others are profiting from your reputation? At Yellow Brand Protection, we follow a three-step process that has proven to be very effective in taking the online counterfeiters down. 

 Yellow Brand Protection - Search - Identify - Eliminate 

> Search. If infringement volumes are considerable, the only way to be successful is to use automated search technology. That is why the platform ZERO was developed, an automated monitoring platform that has the broadest search capability in the industry.

Crawling 1000 marketplaces and websites, domains, social media and mobile app platforms worldwide to cover 99% of all counterfeit sales, the counterfeiters are hit everywhere they turn, until they give up! The tech team is constantly updating ZERO – to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape. 

> Identify. ZERO automatically identifies key offenders through the cross-checking of data between channels and sites, conducting self-learning risk-based analysis of all matches. With strong innovation in data-clustering, ZERO creates a full evidence package to support on and offline enforcement.

To optimise effectiveness, human skills are also needed. When it comes to spotting the tiniest detail and recognising typical behaviour patterns, experienced personnel are essential, which is why Yellow Brand Protection ensure there is also a human touch.   

> Eliminate. Thanks to a strong presence on the all-important Chinese market and good relations with site owners, service providers, social media, platforms and registrars, it is easier than most to have listings removed. With over a 94% of enforcement success rate across all platforms and clients, Yellow Brand Protection have taken over six million successful actions to date.




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