Arms and drugs are small potatoes. Compared to brand infringement.

The global arms and narcotics trades are worth about half a trillion US dollars a year – combined. That is less than a third of what counterfeiters, pirates and other brand infringers generate annually.
It is a global problem, and one that could affect you and your business at any time (if it hasn’t already). At Yellow Brand Protection, we provide a range of services to protect your brand, your reputation and your revenues in a digital world.


Counterfeiting is a trillion-dollar industry, bigger than the arms and narcotics trades combined. It affects every market – from fashion and food to pharmaceuticals. With the right anti-counterfeiting strategy, you not only make it difficult for counterfeiters to profit from your reputation, but you can also stop them quickly and effectively if they try.


The illicit reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material is big business, with annual revenue losses to legitimate content owners running to the hundreds of billions of dollars. The growth of the internet and easy access to advanced technology are driving this activity. But you can protect what’s yours even in a fast-moving digital world – with the right strategy and the right partner.

IP Protection

Whenever your Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are infringed, it affects more than just revenues. Reputations suffer too. Rights that need protecting include patents, trademarks, copyrights, URLs as they all play an essential role in monetizing your hard work. Below, we go through the key infringement categories and broadly outline the solutions available to you.

Online Investigations

We carry out online investigations to expose counterfeiting and brand infringement, gathering enough evidence to allow you to initiate legal proceedings. It is a lot like traditional detective work, but instead of operating in dark alleyways and seedy bars, our investigators are armed with a keyboard and internet connection.

Parallel import

Parallel import refers to the import of branded goods into a market without the consent of the brand owner. These are not counterfeit products, but simply goods intended for sale elsewhere. This practice is also referred to as the sale of “grey market goods.” Many brand owners wrongly believe it is impossible to have listings removed from parallel importers.




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