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Brand Protection for when others are profiting from your hard work

Yellow Brand Protection provide a range of brand protection services to defend your brand, your reputation and your revenues in a digital world by using the broadest search capability in the industry, covering all key online sales channels and over 1,000 marketplaces.

Arms and drugs are small potatoes. Compared to brand infringement.

The global arms and narcotics trades are worth about half a trillion US dollars a year – combined. That is less than a third of what counterfeiters, pirates and other brand infringers generate annually.
It is a global problem, and one that could affect you and your business at any time (if it hasn’t already). 

Yellow Brand Protection - Anti-counterfeiting


Stay ahead of the trillion-dollar counterfeiting industry with a robust anti-counterfeiting strategy and stop the imposters now – Anti-Counterfeiting.


Protect what’s yours, even in a fast-moving digital world, with an effective strategy and efficient partner – Anti-Piracy.


Don’t let your Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) be taken. Safeguard your patents, trademarks, copyrights and URLs today – IP Protection.

Online Investigations

Gather the right evidence and initiate legal proceedings to expose counterfeiting and brand infringements online – Online Investigations.

Yellow Brand Protection - Parallel Import

Parallel import

You can stop the sale of ‘grey market goods’, as long as you get the right help and are talking to the right people – Parallel Import.

The Yellow Brand Protection approach

Yellow Brand Protection offer an unrivalled combination of experience, technical expertise, legal insight and global reach to ensure that a brand is safeguarded from fraudsters locally, globally, today and in the future. Discover how these brand protection services provide the broadest online search capability in the industry. 


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