How to react if your brand is a victim of counterfeiting

You have a well thought out online brand protection strategy. You have proactive anti-counterfeiting measures in place. And yet, despite your best efforts, fakes of your products are appearing in a number of markets. This is when you need to have a reactive strategy too. What exactly do you do when others are profiting from your reputation?

  • Track. If counterfeiting volumes are considerable, the only way to be effective is to use an automated search platform. With the right platform, you can track and monitor up to 1,000 sites – without visiting each one on a daily basis. Advanced technology can save you a great deal of time, while keeping a watchful eye on your interests.
  • Analyse. Technical analysis is a powerful tool, but to identify infringements and optimize effectiveness, you need to involve experts. When it comes to spotting the tiniest detail and recognizing typical behaviour patterns, experienced personnel are essential.
  • Enforce. Conduct online investigations to collect as much evidence as you can of infringements. This evidence will then be used to bring offenders to justice, close down manufacturing facilities and encourage online marketplaces and other digital channels to remove illegal listings and cease to provide a venue for criminals.
  • Use intelligence. Gather and analyse critical information on identified threats. This allows proactive measures to be taken swiftly.

To be effective, a reactive strategy has to encompass all digital channels, including online marketplaces, app stores, domains, social media platforms, websites, ad words and DarkNet.

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