Understand Brand Abuse

Cyber attacks and brand abuse by third parties to increase sales are huge problems, comparable in scale and impact to counterfeit sales. Trademark infringers flout the law by using brands in text, images and alongside their own logos in an effort to increase sales.

Design and patent encroachment can also be examples of IP and brand abuse. With the Internet as a distribution channel, the effects of brand abuse for brand and patent owners is often quick – virtually immediate in some cases – and global.

These infringements often take the form of unauthorised agents using brand and product names to sell their own, entirely different products, with the aim of misleading buyers to increase sales. Logos and copyrighted material are also used to further mislead consumers. Anti-piracy services are needed when such brand abuse occurs

If you think you are experiencing brand abuse, we can offer you a free brand protection status report and talk through your concerns.

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The world of brand protection can be a quite tricky one to understand at first sight. We’ve therefore made a resource page for you to easily get the answers to your questions!