Which proactive measures support anti-counterfeiting online?

There are a number of proactive anti-counterfeiting steps you can take to protect yourself by making it more difficult for others to profit from your reputation.

First, make sure you have a distinctive online presence. If customers know where to find the original, fewer are attracted to copies. That is why it is crucial to establish a well-structured domain name portfolio, making it harder to set up a fake website (in other words, they cannot use a domain name containing the original brand name). The same principle applies to a company’s presence on social media platforms and in app stores.

In the physical world, there are various protective measures you can take – for example, by integrating certain design-specific details in your products you make copying them more difficult. Security labels (such as holograms) are also useful.
Furthermore, a great deal can be achieved by securing the supply chain and working closely with customs and law enforcement in countries of particular concern.

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