How to report infringements on Taobao

TaoProtect is the reporting system for Tmall and Taobao, where the brand owner can monitor and handle takedowns. It is an effective channel that is easy to control. TaoProtect became available in English in July 2015. Registration is required first:

Step 1: The brand owner registers an account at TaoProtect, providing information such as company name, email, name, address, telephone number, etc. Unlike, the brand owner has to upload proof of identity in Step 1, in the form of a business licence or certificate of incorporation.

Step 2: The brand owner registers and uploads the rights it wishes to protect, such as trade mark, invention patent, utility model patent, design patent or copyright.

TaoProtect will now validate your proof of IPR, which normally takes two working days. When TaoProtect has approved your application, you will be able to report infringements. You do this in TaoProtect, under the File Complaint section. When you make the report, you can paste the links to the alleged infringements in question; links that you have found directly on the website. When you fill in the complaint form, you need to specify the IP rights you are using as protection and the kind of infringement you believe has taken place. After you have completed the report in its entirety, you will usually have to wait approximately seven to 10 working days until Taobao has analysed and taken any action against the seller. If Taobao accepts your report, you will find this result under the complaint filing history. If they do not accept your report, you will receive an email, which explains why they have not accepted it. As with AliProtect, the seller is always contacted, and may file a counter notification to deny IP infringement. This is then shared with the rights owner, to respond again before a decision is made about taking down the relevant link(s).

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