How to report infringements on 1688

AliProtect is a reporting system, where the brand owner can monitor and handle take-downs of IP infringing products on, AliExpress and It is an effective channel that is easy to control. AliProtect is available in English. Registration is required first (which is free):

Step 1: The brand owner registers an account at AliProtect, providing information such as company name, email, name, address, telephone number, etc.

Step 2: The brand owner registers and uploads the IP rights it wishes to protect, such as trade mark, invention patent, utility model patent, design patent or copyright. It is only at this stage that you need to upload proof of identity in the form of a business incorporation certificate or certificate of incorporation.

AliProtect will then process the application, which normally takes three working days. After this the brand owner will receive an email to say whether the verification was successful. When AliProtect has approved your application, you can start to submit IP infringement complaints immediately. You do this in AliProtect, under the IPR Complaint section. When you want to submit a complaint, there are two alternative routes you can take:

Option 1: You can carry out searches directly within AliProtect, and select which you want report.

Option 2: You can paste the links to the listings you believe contain infringements; links that you have found directly on the normal website. When you submit a complaint, you need to specify the registration you are using as protection and the kind of infringement you believe has taken place. After you have completed the report in its entirety, you will probably have to wait three to seven working days until Alibaba has analysed and taken any action against the seller. If Alibaba accepts your report, you will find this result under the History menu option. If it does not accept your report, you will receive an email, which explains why the complaint cannot be handled. Alibaba always contacts the seller. If the seller knows that they have made an infringement, they will probably accept the take-down. Sometimes the seller will provide counter-notification to prove they are not infringing the IP rights, which Alibaba then investigates. Based on this information, Alibaba makes a decision, but as long as you have the IP rights and it is an actual infringement, the listing will usually be taken down.

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