How to protect your brand in China

With some 70% of all counterfeit goods originating in China, this huge market represents both a serious challenge and potentially a glittering prize. Intellectual property is a relatively new concept in China (the first patent law came into effect as recently as 1985).

Key to protecting your brand in China is to have a strong Intellectual Property Portfolio. It is important to note that local differences exist – and these require separate registrations.

Successful monitoring and enforcement – especially online – demands language skills and an understanding of the culture. Adopting aggressive western tactics in pursuing justice will simply not work.

If you are new to the Chinese market, we strongly urge you to seek advice from someone who knows the country, its language and customs. This will save you a great deal of time.

In China, flexibility and creativity are critical when fighting illicit sales in China. Counterfeiters will look for new ways to reach the market, new ways to prevent detection and new ways to avoid enforcement.

If possible, try to obtain a list of accredited distributors and retailers – this makes analysis easier. Intelligence is important too. The right monitoring tools can generate a great deal of interesting data, providing the basis for an appropriate response.

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