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What is the brand protection status report?

The Brand Protection Status Report will detail the risks to one of your key brands in terms of counterfeit and brand abuse online. Our clever search platform, ZERO, will cover all key global online sales channels to provide aggregate results and relevant examples of IP infringements of your brand online.

What will I receive?

As soon as we have all the necessary details about your brand, ZERO will crawl all the key online channels to create a report specifically for your brand. As soon as your report is ready we will share the results with you, explain what they are telling us and offer recommendations for effectively protecting your brand online.

Outwit the fraudsters and maximize your sales

Yellow Brand Protection carries out the complex work of protecting your brand online in a very efficient way. Not only does our advanced technology search and find the sale of counterfeit goods and infringing material online, it gets right to the source of the problem to eliminate the fakes for good.

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