Press release – 27th June 2017

Crocs, Inc has selected Yellow Brand Protection for Online Anti-Counterfeiting services

Crocs, Inc has selected Yellow Brand Protection for online anti-counterfeiting services. After performing a global risk assessment, we were able to determine the high-risk markets and have deployed a tailored strategy across global marketplace platforms, websites and social media channels.

Yellow Brand Protection's SVP, Dwayne Perry said, Being able to partner with Heike Bhonsle, Brand Protection Director, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry presents a fabulous opportunity. We are thrilled to be adding Crocs to the Yellow Brand Protection family.

About Yellow Brand Protection:

Yellow Brand Protection is a leading global provider of online anti-counterfeiting services. Leading because we believe we deploy technology that searches in more places than our competition. Leading because we believe we have the best local partnerships, in countries such as China. Leading because our highly committed team will not stop until all infringements have been removed. We are Yellow Brand Protection.

We Stop At ZERO.

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