Anti-counterfeiting technology

Advanced search platform – ZERO – developed by dedicated in-house specialists, organises information most relevant to a brand, and supplements it with additional data. When all relevant material has been collected it also provides an easy way to filter and prioritise findings. ZERO also analyses material, making it possible to prioritise high-risk infringements.

Anti-counterfeiting technology - ZERO

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ZERO features ‘spiders’ which help search engines and individuals find web pages by creating search words based on content found in pages. The spiders crawl millions of pages at high speed, with easy scalability for rapid search expansion. Crawlers search for structured data on specific sites that only extract relevant and valuable information – all in multiple languages. Using machine learning, ZERO can predict relevance and risk to target the largest offenders. And our algorithms process data efficiently and precisely.   

ZERO retains clustered indexes, thereby ensuring the capture of data is stored in tables as well as in text, with image clustering capability also. Clients have access to millions of pages of data with a scalable search function and automated online enforcement actions. An automated full evidence package is also created for clients to issue as necessary. To ensure our reach remains global, we have servers in prioritised parts of the world.

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