If they can’t make it, Some try to fake it

Peak Performance brand protection case study

In 1986, four young ski enthusiasts got together to make the kind of clothes they could only dream of wearing on the slopes. Nothing too loud or flashy – just tasteful, functional ski apparel. Thus Peak Performance was born. The journey from a small mountain resort in northern Sweden to an international marketplace has been swift –winning admirers across the world along the way.

Sadly, and perhaps inevitably, it has also come to the attention of those who are happy to profit from its good name – without earning the right.

Unoriginal jackets for sale

Some years ago, Peak Performance started experiencing major problems on a number of online marketplaces and websites around the world. Jesper Arvidsson, e-Commerce Director, provides details, We experienced significant problems not only in Asia, but in the U.S. and parts of Europe, too. We saw the same pattern being repeated over and over again: fake jackets were being sold where maker and seller had gone to great lengths to ensure they were as close to the authentic products in appearance as possible. It was damaging the brand and had to stop.

Feels good to help a great brand

Klas Karlsson, COO at Yellow Brand Protection, discusses the enthusiasm with which he and his team took on the challenge. It’s a great brand. And since we’re based here in Sweden, we’re all familiar with Peak Performance. Many of us have skied on the same slopes as the founders. It was a tough challenge for us. First of all, we had to learn all about their products, so we dispatched a team to their head office for training. They also provided us with catalogues, logotypes, image banks, everything we needed to do our job.

Many hours of detective work

The next step was to look at adverts on online marketplaces. We analysed some 350,000 listings, removing 5,255. We also scrutinised over 6,500 websites, of which 622 have been taken down. Of the illegal sites and listings we found, 98% have been removed – an excellent hit rate. There are still a few sites out there where sellers are trying to generate illicit sales, but we’re working hard to shut them down, too, says Klas Karlsson.

Removing the profits from counterfeiting

While Jesper Arvidsson of Peak Performance is satisfied with the results so far, his focus is on continuing to protect the brand in an expanding digital marketplace. Our priority now, he says, is to eliminate fake products wherever we find them, making it as difficult as possible for counterfeiters to profit from our brand.


Analyzed Infringement Removed Success rate
Market places 176131 2951 2901 98%
Webshops 44545 343 335 96%