Laerdal medical - success story

All fakes are costly. But some are Dangerous, too

Petter Westnes, Laerdal Medical Laerdal medical
Petter Westnes, Laerdal Medical

Founded over 60 years ago, Laerdal Medical is today a leader in medical equipment and training products for advanced life support, CPR and trauma training, defibrillation, spinal motion restriction and much more. Thanks to a strong brand and loyal customers around the world, Laerdal Medical has been open to targeting by counterfeiters and brand abusers.

Problems in asia

Laerdal Medical turned to Yellow Brand Protection when faced with brand infringements in Asia. Counterfeit versions of some of Laerdal’s best-known products (Stifneck, Mini-Anne and Resusci Anne) were damaging the brand’s reputation. At the core of everything Laerdal does is their mission of ‘helping save lives’, underpinned by strong corporate values. Petter Westnes, Laerdal Medical’s Intellectual Property Manager, explains, Laerdal Medical is well known for the quality of our products and the services we provide. It is vital for us to protect our brand and everything we stand for, so we looked to Yellow Brand Protection to help us take action.

Knowledge is in the details

Before Yellow Brand Protection could help, they needed to learn as much about the company and its products as possible. Laerdal Medical is a great company with world-class products and a humanitarian philosophy, says Klas Karlsson, COO at Yellow Brand Protection. It inspired us to do our very best. But first we had to get to know their offering – in detail. So we sent a team to Stavanger in Norway, where the head office of the company is based, for intensive training. Without a thorough grounding in their products, we could never spot the fakes.

Can you say please stop! In mandarin?

One of the keys to Yellow Brand Protection’s enforcement rate is good working relationships with over 500 online marketplaces the world over. The Laerdal case is a good example of this approach. Because the problems our client faced were primarily on Korean and Chinese sites, says Klas Karlsson a knowledge of both language and culture was essential for a successful outcome. Our staff can speak to site owners and sellers in their own language, gaining their trust and confidence. We believe sophisticated technology has to go hand in hand with human skills. Computers can’t build relationships, and they can’t identify well-made fakes.

Laerdal medical continue to be on the alert

Just because Laerdal Medical has reduced its brand abuse problems in Asia to a tolerable minimum, it doesn’t mean it is celebrating victory. As Petter Westnes says, Protecting your brand online is an ongoing struggle. As long as we are innovative and our products are in demand, there will be those who want to profit from our name. So we have to stay alert. To help us, we have Yellow Brand Protection.