Working together – a benchmark in brand protection


Glyn Roberts, Brand Protection Manager, Americana International Ltd. Bench
Glyn Roberts, Brand Protection Manager, Americana International Ltd.

Founded in Manchester, England, Bench is a clothing brand speciali singin streetwear. A combination of edgy design and affordable prices has given it a large following across the world. Sadly – and predictably – the brand has also attracted the attention of counterfeiters, who are always happy to profit from someone else’s good reputation.

Problems in asia

When Yellow Brand Protection first came into contact with Bench, the brand was facing serious problems on a number of Chinese websites, including AliExpress and TaoBao. These and other sites hosted thousands of illegal listings for fake jackets, sweatshirts and especially hoods. As Lella Brauner, Head of anti-counterfeiting at Yellow Brand Protection, pointed out, Thanks to our contacts in Asia and deep understanding of online marketplaces, it was the ideal challenge for us. We were delighted to partner with Americana International to remove the threat to their client.

Partners in protection

Glyn Roberts, Brand Protection Manager of Americana International Ltd, turned to Lella Brauner and her colleagues when the problems in China were threatening to spiral out of control. Yellow Brand Protection responded to our requirement for a fast and effective removal of counterfeit sales from Chinese online marketplaces – and at a competitive price, says Mr. Roberts.

Brand knowledge – key to success

Success remains elusive without a good knowledge of the brand. But in this particular case, there was no time for lengthy training. Our client wanted a quick response, so the team had to learn on the job, says Lella Brauner. But we’re used to that kind of pressure; it wasn’t a problem. We were provided with product images and other materials, and we just got on with it.

99% success rate

Although Chinese online marketplaces dominated, illegal listings were also found on Saudi Arabian and European sites. The numbers speak for themselves – in just five months, 4,632 listings were taken down out of a reported 4,683, an enforcement success rate of 99%. Lella Brauner is pleased with the result. It’s a good achievement, given the short amount of time we’ve been working with Bench. But we’re never really happy until every illegal listing has been removed. Glyn Roberts is also satisfied with the outcome. We needed to address a growing threat to our brand from unauthorized sales in China. Yellow did this effectively and without fuss. Easy and simple with great communication and great results.