A solution to brand infringement

Online brand protection is a necessity due to the number of counterfeit goods sales and brand infringements occuring every day and everywhere on all channels of the Internet. Wherever buyers and sellers meet, there will always be those, sadly, who want to take advantage. A solution to online brand infringement aims to minimize the potential for counterfeiters to profit from clients' brands. As fraudsters constantly look for new ways to sell imitation products, we find them – and immediately start the process to remove their products. 

Online brand protection


Specializing in online brand protection, including tracking, analyzing and enforcing cases of counterfeit products and brand infringement all over the world, we have the broadest search capability in the industry. Yellow Brand Protection is dedicated to eradicating all counterfeit activity in the short- and long-term. That’s why We Stop at Zero > Approach

Case studies

Some of the most recognized brands in the world use Yellow Brand Protection for the work to protect their brands online, across most relevant industry verticals such as Fashion & Retail, Consumer Products and Packaging, Car Accessories, Toys, Medical Devices, Certification and Validation > Case studies

Client portal

The client portal allows a client to see exactly how their online brand protection is progressing. The portal, for example, gives access to: current status, completed reports, evidence against specific suppliers and statistics about  where the most counterfeited products were found > Client portal


The advanced search platform – ZERO™ – developed by dedicated in-house specialists, organises information most relevant to the client, and supplements it with additional data. When all relevant material has been collected it also provides an easy way to filter and prioritize findings. ZERO™ also analyzes material, making it possible to prioritize high-risk infringements > Brand Protection Technology

Brand Protection status Report

Yellow Brand Protection offer a free Brand Protection Status report. The report will detail the risks to a company's key brand in terms of counterfeit and brand abuse online. It will cover the key sales channels, globally; online marketplaces, webstores and social media. The report will give aggregate results and relevant examples, as well as providing appropriate recommendations for effectively managing brands online > Online Brand Protection Status Report

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