Yellow BP International Women’s Day 2020

Although significant steps toward gender equality have been taken in recent decades, aligning the opportunities and outcomes for women and men remains an ongoing project. According to the World Economic Forum, Sweden is the fourth most gender-equal country in the world, with good parity rates on measures for business, education and politics. In this, Sweden has been a model for many other countries globally, and, as a company headquartered in Varberg, Yellow Brand Protection is also proud to support the ongoing work undertaken here to ensure this keeps rising.

In addition to being a Swedish company though, Yellow Brand Protection is also a member of the Corsearch family and an online brand protection provider too. This means that when we celebrate just a few of the inspirational women who work with us as part of International Women’s Day 2020, we’ve got a huge pool of talent to draw from and lots of stories that we think will be motivational for women making their own way in the world of work.

As a relatively young industry, online brand protection is a space where women have already taken up many positions of importance within the field, a trend we hope to see continuing. We believe that making these journeys public and relatable helps to encourage others to do the same, so our Global Head of Operations, Linda Silberg, recently took part in an interview for the Corsearch website. In it, Linda mentions her own pathway and outlines some of her thoughts on the online brand protection world in 2020.

Please head over to the Corsearch website to read about Linda and some of the other women who work within Corsearch. We’re proud of all our team members and the service they provide, but we’re equally happy to highlight those who may encourage more committed individuals to get involved in the fight against counterfeiting.

Whoever you are, if you’re inspired by Linda, Malia or Anh’s stories, please visit our Careers page where you can learn more about what we do and the kind of people we hire. The future of online brand protection needs people of all backgrounds and skillsets, so we would love to hear from you.

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