Why Brand Protection is a Must for all Companies

The global counterfeit trade has spread immensely over the past decade, aided significantly
by the growth in e-commerce and by technological advances in general. Nonetheless,
however widespread the problem, many consumers have yet to comprehend the gravity of
counterfeiting and instead consider it a mere source of irritation for big, luxury brands who
are making millions anyway and should stop complaining. The reality is that counterfeiting
affects all members of society either directly or indirectly, and brand protection should be a
top priority for any business.                                                                                                                              
While many people refer to the financial loss suffered by governments in taxes and
companies in sales, another important factor to consider is where those losses then end up.
The answer is with organised criminal gangs. In fact, counterfeiting is the largest source of
income for international crime gangs. Therefore, by protecting your brand you are not only
hindering a loss in your own sales, you are also making sure those sales and profits do not
end up in the hands of dangerous criminals.                                                                                                         
Other victims of the counterfeit trade are the workers who are actually producing and selling
these illegal products. Extremely low salaries and poor working conditions are common as
workers are not protected by labour laws. Unsuspecting consumers can also be at great risk
when they purchase fake goods, as counterfeiters rarely comply with international safety
and quality standards and have been known to pose serious health risks and safety hazards.
That is what has driven Yellow Brand Protection to start the #ImForReal initiative – find out
what its all about and how you can join the campaign.

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