US Military in Close Call with Counterfeiters

The US military has filed a criminal information alleging that a wholesaler selling uniforms to the defence force’s suppliers has conspired to commit wire fraud. Wire fraud is directly related to mail fraud, and consists in transmitting, either via post or electronically, any item or information associated with fraudulent activities. The wholesaler’s plans, if found to be true, would also be in breach of anti-counterfeiting laws.

The aforementioned wholesaler is said to have been working alongside other conspirators to manufacture imitations of official American military uniforms in Chinese factories, to then be passed off as authentic and sold to unsuspecting American suppliers. This would have broken anti-counterfeiting laws as well as the Berry Amendment which states that all US military uniforms be made either in the USA or in certain allied countries of which China is not included.

The alleged had supplied Chinese factories with actual, original uniforms to be copied, and provided retailers authenticity proof of his products in the form of certification letters. The clothing goods were marked with trademarks, brand names and labels ensuring certain technological and safety standards which, unsurprisingly, were not met.


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