Tread carefully when buying footwear online

Clothing is one of the most widely counterfeited items in the world. By capitalizing on the iconic names and designs of various brands, counterfeit fashion items are sold under the guise of the genuine article. As footwear has become more and more fashionable in recent years, the industry has become particularly susceptible to counterfeiting - this is especially true for sneakers and trainers as they have become symbols of fashion and, in some cases, highly sought-after luxury items.

The damage is done

There are various risks associated with illegitimate footwear items; both to the consumer and the rights owner. Such articles are often made from inferior materials which can easily fall apart due to the poor quality. They could also even cause pain and joint damage because with little thought about the construction they may not provide enough arch support, consequently compromising leg and back posture.

Illegitimate online sellers often use original marketing images from the actual brand to give an appearance of authenticity, which means customers may not realize that they have bought a counterfeit. A disgruntled consumer may then come to associate the inferior forgery with the brand that it has pretended to be; causing unfounded harm to the rights owner.

How to spot fake footwear

As mentioned, knock-off variants of prominent trainers are especially popular targets amongst counterfeiters. Such forgeries take advantage of the trainers’ distinctive logos and branding along with the relative scarcity and high price. Despite several strong efforts, fake fashion has proven difficult to stop with fraudulent items easily come across the eyes of consumers who start out looking for the authentic brand online. Purchasing goods online requires caution and care and it helps to know what to look out for to identify a genuine article. Take a look at Yellow Brand Protection’s expert guide, which informs consumers about how to spot a fake on a number of online selling platforms. If you are a brand owner, Yellow Brand Protection can help through our industry-leading brand protection technology - ZERO - which has full text and image clustering capability.


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