Even Toys are not Immune to Counterfeiting

The US not-for-profit trade association, The Toy Association, has published a report on counterfeiting which has shed light on the growing need for brand protection in the toy industry. The report contains theories about why counterfeiting has become so prevalent in the toy trade and proposes solutions to combat the growing phenomenon.

The Toy Association cites the lack of control and inspection of vendors and products on online marketplaces as having facilitated the growth and expansion of toy counterfeiting. Up until now, the burden of warding off fraudsters from e-commerce platforms has been placed almost entirely on brand owners themselves, whereas counterfeiting is an issue that requires a holistic approach if it is to be stopped.

Another factor contributing to the escalation of counterfeiting in the toy trade is the meager knowledge among consumers regarding the issue. Most are simply not aware that toys are subject to counterfeiting nor that fakes and knock-offs can be outright dangerous to children. The report suggests that consumers, especially parents, need to be educated and that more marketplaces should do their part by vetting their platforms and perhaps verifying legitimate users as is done on social media. This would aid consumers in making informed decisions and would result in more stakeholders joining forces and taking action against counterfeiters in order to protect our children from harmful toys.

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