Raise Awareness About Counterfeiting with #ImForReal

The trade of counterfeit goods has become a tremendously troubling issue for companies and governments around the world and is estimated to have increased by more than 10,000% over the past two decades. The counterfeit trade apparently caused over US$320 billion worth of damage to the global economy in 2018, with approximately 40% of brand name products purchased online turning out to be fakes. As the phenomenon continues to grow, Yellow Brand Protection has launched a new initiative under the hashtag #ImForReal which aims to unite online communities in the battle against counterfeiting and the damages it causes.

The campaign consists in encouraging businesses and consumers to use the hashtag #ImForReal on social media to raise awareness about the counterfeit trade in general and, more specifically, the societal dangers it incurs. Yellow Brand Protection hopes the initiative will help educate the general public about the consequences of buying counterfeit products and stop them from doing so.

Many consumers are unaware of just how dangerous counterfeit products can be. Fake perfumes and make-up have been found to contain dangerous chemicals that are not only harmful to the skin but can even cause death. Electronics and car parts also run a great risk of being defective and unsafe, resulting in fires and accidents. Unfortunately, the list of risks for end users is long, as manufacturers of fake products cut every corner possible in order to keep costs down, including non-compliance with quality, environmental and safety standards, as well as international regulations. The #ImForReal initiative hopes to shed light on these dangers and help consumers make more informed decisions.

Join us in our mission for 'A Cleaner Internet. A Better Society' and take a stand against the market of counterfeit goods by using the hastag #imforreal. For more on the initiative visit imforreal.com

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