Protect your Customers from Buying Dangerous Electronics

Counterfeit electronic products is a $169 billion industry, and its growth is showing no signs of slackening. The proliferation of fake electronics on online marketplaces, particularly during online shopping events, is creating multiple challenges for legitimate manufacturers. Aside from the obvious economic losses, fake electronic goods can lead to injuries and even fatalities. It is now more important than ever to protect your electronics brand online to ensure the safety of customers.

The danger of counterfeit electronics

Knock-off goods are made in imitation of the original and it often takes well-trained eyes to spot counterfeit goods. Things get even more complicated when it comes to electronic goods. Electronics are complex products, and the components used are typically located inside, out of view, which makes detection even harder. A survey conducted by non-profit Electrical Safety First revealed that over 30% of British consumers have been deceived into buying counterfeit electronics.

However, unlike imitation handbags or shoes, fake electronics create real danger for users. Some of the more common risks associated with counterfeit electronics include:

  • Exploding batteries for mobile phones, which could injure people around the explosion and cause fire at homes or offices
  • Faulty earphones, which could result in permanent loss of hearing
  • Defective circuitry (and integrated circuits) on appliances, which could short-circuit homes or offices, and create fire hazards
  • Fake cables and power cords, which can damage original devices and appliances owing to incorrect current capacity and resistance

How protecting your brand online can also protect your customers

The revenues lost to counterfeiters are enormous for legitimate brands. However, the threats to brand perception and safety of end-users are even more important. For manufacturers and brands, fake electronics can devalue brands and affect long-term market share and growth. For end-users, these imitation products could threaten their safety and lives. Now more than ever, it is important for companies to implement a coherent online strategy to address the threat of counterfeiters head-on.


These exact issues in the electronics industry are why we follow our mission for "A Cleaner Internet. A Better Society" and created the #ImForReal initiative. Help us spread the awareness and join us.

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