Online Piracy Causes Losses Beyond the Stars

Popular online streaming services have helped decrease the number of illegal downloads of movies and series significantly throughout the past few years, nonetheless, online piracy remains widespread and is estimated to cost the global economy billions of dollars each year.

Anti-piracy advocates have long pressed for more awareness about the damage that illegal streaming, downloading and copying lead to, yet mostly to no avail as many continue to see piracy as a victimless crime, or one that affects only millionaire movie stars. This could not be further from the truth, however, as famous actors and award-winning musicians account for only a small percentage of the losses suffered.

Hundreds, even thousands, of people are involved in producing movies and television shows as well as songs and albums. Dozens of make-up artists, costume designers, special effects technicians, writers and many more work countless hours to produce the end product in which consumers see only a select few famous actors who surely will not miss those $5-10 that purchasing a movie ticket would have contributed to their salaries. Unfortunately, the big names are rarely the ones most affected by the lack of sales that big – and small – productions suffer due to online piracy. We need to look further down in the hierarchy to see the employees and their families that will suffer the most.


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