Why Online Brand Protection Should Be the Next Social Media Trend

Social media, particularly on some networks, is where latest trends are often forged, developed, and adapted. However, it could be said that the trend isn’t moving as fast when it comes to online brand protection and social media, with a number of brand owners not monitoring the channel as closely as others in the online sphere. So when the trendsetters on various social media platforms utilize counterfeit goods (whether they know it or not) - not just in their content, but in advertising and selling to - it presents a serious concern. Not only is the integrity of the market damaged, but it also poses a health and safety risk for those who might use and purchase such fraudulent products.

Social Media - increasingly popular hotspots for fraud

Through interaction and engagement, social network creators establish a relationship of trust and communication with their audience. People come to trust the individuals they follow on social media. And while this is often used for legitimate and creative endeavours, such a relationship could be exploited if online personalities sell or market counterfeit goods. Consequently, online social networks are becoming increasingly popular hotspots for fraud. Brand owners aren’t as aware of the growing issue on these platforms and any slight lapse in intellectual property (IP) infringement monitoring may allow for illegitimate items to slip through.

Calls for proactive efforts

Social media networks have taken serious steps to combat counterfeit items and enforce brand protection across their platforms. They have made moves to respond quickly and aggressively — however, they cannot be everywhere at once, and such moves have been, by necessity, largely reactive. Comprehensive online brand protection also requires proactive and pre-emptive efforts to effectively combat such a difficult-to-regulate online ecosystem that has a tremendous effect on global markets.

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