The Moving Nature of IP

Companies establish their brands in all sorts of important and memorable ways. Everything from a logo to a jingle to help bring a company to peoples’ minds. Trademarks are an important way of ensuring that fraudulent entities or malicious parties do not impinge on the signature characteristics that define a brand. It’s these traits that create the outward expressive face of a brand, working to forge a relationship between the company’s values and its loyal customers. It has always been important for companies to guard these assets and leverage resources to protect intellectual property (IP).

An evolving digital age

These signature marks, however, are beginning to take significant steps forward in terms of their expressive power as well as their striking iconography. Whereas in the past trademarks have largely been relegated to a specific static image (such as a logo) or characteristic details, the next evolution in this arena is the multimedia motion mark. These new trademarks involve moving images or sound to convey a certain identity related to a brand. The very first of these multimedia marks has recently been approved in the UK and many more are expected to follow.

Where digital moves, so to do the imitators

The power of these multimedia motion marks cannot be understated: through this new composition and style, these symbols are able to express a more detailed and robust character than a single image or detail could by itself. There is little doubt that other brands will follow suit. However, it is always important to note that at the frontier of branding there often arise imitators, especially since few governmental systems appear to be in place to monitor possible fraudulent copies or unauthorized uses. The new multimedia motion marks may be more sophisticated, but they also have more elements that can be imitated, thus allowing impersonators to unfairly take advantage of a brand’s reputation. Innovative use of these new trademarks can be highly beneficial, but to make sure a company retains all of the value and protects its core identity, it is important to match such novel efforts with necessary brand protection.


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