Keep up with Important Online Infringement Terms

Online infringement poses a huge threat to all companies operating online and, in order to
understand this threat and how best to protect ourselves, we should work to raise
awareness of both copyright infringement and trademark infringement as well as the ways
these can affect business.                                                                                                                              
To clear matters up, copyright refers to the legal rights of the creator of original work to
decide how his or her work can be used by others. Copyright infringement consists of
someone copying, renting, lending, performing, showing or communicating this work
without the rights-holder’s consent. As to trademark infringement, this relates to
unauthorised use of trademarks, or marks extremely similar to other trademarks, on goods
within the same or closely related categories.                                                                                                 
As confusing as it may seem, it is important to understand these concepts in order to identify
potential high-risk situations for your company and to take preemptive measures in order to
protect yourself from the diverse threats when an infringement is online. Other risks to be
aware of include cybersquatting, where fraudsters will create numerous websites with
domain names very similar to the name of an established brand in order to trick consumers,
and the improvements in quality and affordability of 3D printers, as this enables and
facilitates small scale trademark infringement.                                                                                                
It is vital that companies stay up to speed on developments within the industry and do
whatever is within their means to protect their brands, whether this be registering
trademarks in their key regional markets, monitoring e-commerce platforms where
counterfeits are likely to be traded, or by seeking professional help.


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