Avoid the Risks and Keep up with Counterfeiters’ tactics

With the rise of e-commerce experienced worldwide over the past decade, a new playing
field for counterfeiters has presented itself and is being exploited to the max. Copyright
infringement is growing at alarming rates and causing havoc for brand-owners and online
marketplaces alike.                                                                                                                                         
Anyone who has ever used social media apps or websites will be well aware of the amount
of advertisements displayed. The banners, the pop-ups, the paid collaborations and the
videos, all tailored to meet your precise needs or wants based on what you have clicked on
during your time online. However, what most consumers are not aware of is that this is
exactly how counterfeiters target you, too.                                                                                                      
So you’ve been checking out a new pair of Adidas sneakers on a legitimate website? Get
ready to see endless adverts for those exact sneakers but from different shops and at much
lower prices. Most wouldn’t even consider the fact that these might be knock-offs, yet a
number of them most certainly are. This could be the case on well-known social media
websites as well as on renowned e-commerce platforms, and the lesson most consumers
take with them is to trust no-one.                                                                                                                    
The ways of attracting and deceiving consumers online are endless, and counterfeiters are
just as ingenious and inventive as law-abiding retailers. As the market evolves, so must the
anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting measures so as to remain one step ahead of fraudsters.
Brand owners are encouraged to register their trademarks and work closely with authorities,
customs, online marketplaces, and private anti-counterfeiting agencies in order to protect
both themselves and consumers.


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