The services becoming increasingly vital in a company’s strategy.

One of the most important issues for retailers today is protecting their brand from counterfeiters and fraudsters. With the growth of online shopping and advances in technology being utilised on both sides of  the law, brand protection services are becoming all the more vital in companies’ commercial strategies. 

Of all organised illegal activity, the counterfeit goods trade is one of the most underestimated with regard to its effect on the global economy. Unfortunately, counterfeiting causes losses of billions of dollars annually as well as significant damage to targeted brands.

As for consumers, while some are well aware that they are buying an illegal imitation of the original, others can be much more naïve. Those consumers who do purchase fake goods unknowingly are extremely likely to be disappointed by the quality of the products, and this disappointment can cause a massive blow to the company’s reputation and, in turn, their sales.

It is therefore vital for companies to work actively to protect their brands. Targeting the manufacturers of counterfeit goods is the most efficient way to do this, although it may also be the most difficult, as these are often well protected by members of their criminal networks. Seeking legal counsel and external help in the form of services that protect brands online can therefore be the safest way for companies to proceed.


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