China to Increase and Improve Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection

China, currently the world’s second largest economy, is taking giant leaps towards becoming
an information-based industry. Based on knowledge and technology instead of heavy
industry, it needs to take action on counterfeiting and piracy first in order to achieve this.
Intellectual Property (IP) protection services and government initiatives are necessary to
effectively protect rights-holders and encourage innovation in Chinese companies, and are
therefore a top priority for the Chinese government.                                                                                           
Indeed, the Chinese government is currently moving to shape up its IPR protection laws to
better support holders of intangible assets such as trade secrets, software, copyrights and
patents, which will all be crucial in the knowledge economy of the near future. Trademark
and patent review times are currently long, but the country’s National Intellectual Property
Administration (NIPA) aims to reduce these significantly.                                                                                   
However in order to fully protect patents, copyrights and other IP, companies should also
consider employing private IP protection services, because keeping intangible assets safe can
be crucial to a company’s success. In fact, the move towards a more knowledge-based
economy has resulted in more and more resources being spent on protecting invisible assets
from attempts of IP theft and counterfeiting, and China will look to maintain its position as
one of the leaders of the global economy.

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