Why it’s important to Trademark

Trademarking your company or product name, logo, packaging or tagline is an important step to take if you wish to protect your brand from the growing threat of online infringements. Companies can obtain a trademark for different things providing that certain conditions are met.                                                                                                                                              
In order for a brand name, logo or other material to qualify as a trademark, it must first of all be unique and cannot be a name or phrase typically used to describe other similar products. Where possible, there should be a strong connection between the attributes of a company’s products and the logo, packaging or tagline they wish to register as a trademark. Another key aspect in obtaining a trademark for a name or tagline is that these be actively used in a company’s marketing and communication with its target customers.                                                                   
If a company’s name or other valuable asset ticks all these boxes then an essential next move is to register these as trademarks. It is much easier to protect your brand if you have officially registered trademarks, and there are several associations with which you can do this, either regional, national or international. The registration process may be long and, in some cases, expensive, but in the event of trademark infringement or brand piracy, you then have the opportunity to take legal action against any perpetrators.


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