#ImForReal to Shed Light on Counterfeiting's Unknown Consequences

The luxury goods industry has long been marred by knock-offs and cheap imitations. Tourists and shoppers purchase counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel sunglasses sans guilt, assuming the only ones affected are millionaire owners of luxury brands. Despite these preconceived notions, counterfeiting affects us all, and the negative repercussions on the global economy are substantial.

Counterfeiting not only results in huge losses for the companies whose products are being ripped off, including thousands of employees along with their families, these losses allegedly also go directly to criminal gangs to finance other illegal activities. The criminal gangs behind counterfeiting are believed to impose terrible labour conditions upon their workers, supposedly treating them more like slaves, with incomes below living wage, long hours and child labor in many cases.

By purchasing counterfeit products, consumers are therefore, often unknowingly, supporting criminal activity and poor working conditions for the manufacturers of the knock-off luxury goods they buy. In light of the lack of knowledge surrounding the negative consequences of the counterfeit luxury goods trade, Yellow Brand Protection has started a campaign entitled #ImForReal in support of rights owners, big and small, around the world. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the dangers and other negative consequences that the counterfeit trade can have on individuals and on society as a whole. Get involved by using the hashtag #imforreal and finding out more about the initiative here.


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