Game of Thrones is Most Pirated Show in History

Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV shows in the world with a gigantic fan following, is also, unsurprisingly, the most pirated series in the history of television. In Russia, the eagerness to watch the show, both legally and illegally, has been no different.

Streaming service Amediateka has held exclusive rights to showing Game of Thrones (GoT) in Russia since 2015 and has been working closely with anti-piracy company Group-IB in order to protect those rights. Group-IB recently revealed just how hard the company has had to work to safeguard GoT from piracy during the past four years.

Since the airing of season five, Group-IB has succeeded in taking down over 180,000 links to sites streaming the show illegally. Over 40,000 of these take-downs took place throughout the last season of the show, season eight, which aired Spring 2019. Pirates, however, were quick to counter-attack and began creating duplicates or mirrors (new websites with extremely similar URL-names to those of the websites that had been removed) of their platforms as soon as they were taken down by Group-IB.

The anti-piracy group targeted well-known streaming platforms as well as Russia’s biggest social media site, VK was quick to cooperate with Group-IB, and helped remove users reportedly linked to piracy websites. The company speaks proudly of a long, hard battle fought against online piracy, almost as hard as the battles fought in the show itself.


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