Fake e-cigarettes endanger teens

The vaping trend has increased significantly in past years and has shown no sign of slowing down. The immense popularity of e-cigarettes and other products has spawned countless counterfeits that make use of various online marketplaces to sell their wares, masquerading as genuine and legitimate brands. While a problem in its own right in terms of intellectual property (IP) and online brand protection, these fraudulent products have caused other significant health and safety problems amongst individuals who unknowingly purchased these inferior and often defective products — an especially insidious issue as teens and younger children seem to be increasingly in the crosshairs.

Teens at risk buying fakes online

Although vaping has become considerably more common in general, its popularity amongst teens and younger demographics has skyrocketed. Many regions, however, have laws in place that establish age restrictions for the purchase of vapes and e-cigarettes, but to circumvent these regulations, teens have turned to internet marketplaces to source a supply. These fakes, however, are nowhere close to replicas — often these counterfeit brands utilize inferior materials and work in unregulated environments, resulting in products that are hazardous and sometimes even deadly. Teens and younger children, who often lack fully developed immune systems, are particularly at risk for the myriad dangers such as heavy metals and other toxins. It becomes increasingly clear that adequate protection such products online is not merely a commercial or business matter but is also a central public health and safety issue.


Serious health and safety issues with counterfeits, like the one descibed above, is why Yellow Brand Protection has launched #ImForReal; an initiative to help make consumers aware of the dangers that counterfeit goods constitutes to people and society. That is why "We Stop at Zero".


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