Driving Down Counterfeit Auto Parts

Counterfeit auto parts have emerged as an increasingly common problem throughout the world. The reach of such fraudulent equipment is wide and no area of the world is completely safe from the various problems they present. Often made from inferior materials or with sub-standard manufacturing techniques, counterfeit auto parts are much more likely to result in failure or an accident. This unnecessary risk puts the driver, passengers, and other innocent bystanders in great danger. Counterfeit auto parts can also damage a vehicle and will often adversely affect its warranty. When purchasing new auto parts, it is important to stay wary and source from a legitimate channel.

How to identify fake auto parts

The ability to recognize counterfeit auto parts is of the utmost importance, however even a professional could have a difficult time discerning the veracity of equipment by sight alone as online counterfeiters go to great lengths to falsely replicate safety features, intricate details, branding, etc. It’s recommended to buy auto parts from trusted, reputable sellers. Unfamiliar retailers selling heavily discounted products should be approached with extreme scepticism. This applies to both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts as well as aftermarket parts — counterfeiters frequently engage in both markets, so for either type it’s recommended to research the seller and only buy from credible places.

It’s also a good idea to make use of technical standards and specifications for auto parts. Certified resellers selling genuine parts will be able to supply a certificate of Original Equipment to verify the quality. Most legitimate parts also work specifically for a certain make, model, and year of vehicle while many counterfeiters attempt to sell parts that are available for any and all models.

Help drive down the dangers associated with fake car parts

It’s believed that around 600,000 fake components were seized globally in 2017; that is a lot of potentially serious accidents or even worse. That is why Yellow Brand Protection has launched the #ImForReal initiative - to raise awareness amongst consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods. Take a look and join our campaign at imforreal.com.


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