Counterfeits Are Putting Brand Reputation in Jeopardy

Companies work tirelessly to cultivate relationships with their customers and to forge a positive reputation for their products and brands. Everything from quality control to customer service is designed to protect brand reputation. Ensuring a positive outward image while safeguarding a company’s legacy is an essential aspect of creating an enduring brand. 

How counterfeits are jeopardizing a brand’s reputation.

The danger of counterfeit items, then, becomes immediately clear: with no ability to control the quality of these products, the defects of frauds can masquerade as a problem with the genuine article. Most counterfeit items, in order to save costs, use subpar materials and inferior manufacturing processes; counterfeiters don’t need to maintain a good reputation with their customers as they prey upon the prestige and standing of established brands. They have zero incentive to deliver quality goods or a positive experience for the end user.

Already myriad problems emerge, with reputational issues standing out among them: many consumers are not knowledgeable enough to tell the difference between a bona fide product and a counterfeit. When customers use low-quality counterfeits, they may ascribe the poor quality to the actual brand. Customers may then erroneously believe there has been a change in the product they have become loyal to over many years of use. 

Long-term damage if a brand isn’t protected

Even further, counterfeit items are sometimes downright dangerous, potentially causing irreversible harm to the user or environment. If these fraudulent products are mistakenly ascribed as the real one, the true brand can still suffer serious consequences in the media. The truth coming to light doesn’t always serve as a viable remedy: even if the counterfeit is discovered as fraudulent, such corrections often emerge well after the peak of the news cycle and sadly reputation damage is already done. Even if it is amended quickly, it may still cause considerable damage to consumer confidence — resulting not only in lost sales, but a rapid deterioration of a carefully maintained reputation that was established over years or even decades. Such circumstances demonstrate the need for pre-emptive measures that safeguard a brand’s reputation and image.


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