Counterfeit Toys are Far from Child’s Play

While toys and games are great ways to engage the imaginations of children of all ages, there is a dark underbelly when it comes to counterfeits. Counterfeit toys have become increasingly common, especially in various online marketplaces where it has become easier to track the trends of up-and-coming fads and popular items. Fraudulent versions are quickly and inexpertly made to take advantage of new trends; these substandard forgeries are then sold at a much-reduced price — but although these fake toys may be cheaper, there is a hidden, sometimes even deadly price.

Children’s safety at risk

In order to sell these bogus versions for less than the original article, dishonest persons may utilize inferior manufacturing methods, harmful materials, or even dangerous designs. Particularly when it comes to toddlers and infants, stringent standards are in place to regulate toys to ensure they are safe for children to use. Counterfeit goods do not abide by such standards, and may even ignore them in order to produce an imitation toy faster, cheaper, and in greater quantities. Some of these compromises on design and material can be absolutely deadly. Construction sets with faulty designs may break apart to become choking hazards; dummies made of dangerous and hazardous materials that may be toxic to young infants — these are just a few real-life examples that have posed serious threats to children and babies.

Removing unsafe toys from online marketplaces

Even with these many dangers, it can be very difficult to remove the counterfeits from online marketplaces. Algorithms on these types of platforms may erroneously place fakes right alongside the original authentic model as suggested purchases or alternatives, exposing the risks of the potentially hazardous toys to even more individuals.

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