Counterfeit Mother’s Day Gifts on the Rise

Jewelry, clothing, accessories and cosmetics are some of the most common holiday and birthday gifts for women and, as many of us know, these products are also extremely prevalent among seized counterfeit goods around the globe. It therefore comes as no surprise that a large portion of Mother’s Day gifts purchased in recent years have been counterfeits. Some studies state that as many as 20% of US consumers have bought
counterfeit Mother’s Day presents, and that approximately a third of these were aware that the products were fakes.                                                                                                                                             
The holidays are important events for brand owners and retailers, and companies risk losing huge amounts in sales around these dates if their products are not thoroughly protected from counterfeiters. Online brand protection companies can help rights-holders quickly and effectively identify offenders and have them removed from e-commerce platforms before too much damage has been done. Industry experience and strong relationships with authorities and other key stakeholders are essential when dealing with counterfeiters, which is why brand protection professionals play such an integral part in the fight against the counterfeit trade.                                                                                                                                                    
If appropriate measures are not taken, large quantities of poor quality knock-offs may be sold to unsuspecting consumers and passed on to their mothers, risking both brand reputation and image as well as a drop in sales.

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