Counterfeit Drugs and How to Stop Them

Counterfeit drugs are essentially bad copies of drugs produced by reputable pharmaceutical companies after years of research and trials. Counterfeiters are not concerned about the effectiveness of their drugs. As such, their drugs rarely contain the accurate type and amount of ingredients necessary to combat the illness or disease they are meant to cure. Their sole objective is to generate profits, often at the cost of the health of their customers. Purchasing counterfeit medication online is not only dangerous for patients, but they are also directly supporting and rewarding the criminals running such websites.

How to Spot Fake Drugs in Online Stores

At a glance, counterfeit medication looks identical to the genuine version. However, there are several distinctive signs which can be used to tell them apart. Take a note of three key signs of fake medication:

  1. Pricing: The pricing of genuine medication factors in a lot of hidden costs, which include R&D, tests, trials, training, equipment, and wages. When you see drugs being sold at half of their retail cost, you should immediately be wary.
  2. Packaging and Print: The inner and outer packaging of fake drugs will have a slightly different colour. The fonts used on the packaging and blister pack may also be slightly different since reputable drug companies usually use proprietary fonts. In addition, keep an eye out for grammatical, syntactical, and spelling errors.
  3. Visual test: Once the medicine you ordered arrive, compare the pills with your existing ones. Are the colours and odour the same? Do they crumble when slight pressure is applied using your fingers? Do they taste the same?

can you Report Counterfeit Drugs?

Yes! If you suspect that you have purchased counterfeit drugs from an online source, some countries offer a place to report them. If you are in the United States, you can report it to the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations, in the UK there is the Yellow Card Scheme and in Australia, you can reach out to the Australian Department of Health. Your prompt action could very well save lives.

The campaign for raising awareness of the dangers

These exact issues in the pharma industry are just some of the motivations to pursue our mission for "A Cleaner Internet. A Better Society." by creating the #ImForReal initiative. Help us spread the awareness and join us.


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