Controversy Concerning India’s New E-commerce Policy

The draft for a new e-commerce policy that was recently released by the Indian Government
has caused certain controversy with regards to its anti-counterfeiting regulations. Industry
specialists are making their voices heard and are now waiting for a response from the parties
One of the main points of concern in the draft regards the state’s suggestion that e-
commerce platforms should introduce financial deterrents to prevent retailers from selling
counterfeit goods, and blacklist those who are caught doing so. While anti-counterfeiting
measures are welcome, the All India Online Vendors Association (AIOVA) is worried the new
policy could be detrimental to vendors.                                                                                                                
The AIOVA insists that any disincentives should be collected by the Government, not by the
marketplace, so as not to allow room for exploitation by online platforms. The group also
maintains that anyone accused of selling counterfeit goods should be allowed to plead their
case in front of a court of law, and that e-commerce websites should not be playing both
jury and executioner.


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