A Comprehensive Approach for Protection Across all Markets

Brand protection no longer exists in a single market or country. What was once largely relegated to the home country of a manufacturer now exists throughout the world. This larger market is not only more significant in terms of consumer base or manufacturing processes, it also introduces a greater scope in terms of legislative requirements and rights that exist across multiple countries where a brand wishes to have an active presence. A brand may have different rights, vulnerabilities, and protections in various regions, but despite this complex interaction of law and regulation, a comprehensive approach is needed to safeguard a company against fraud and counterfeiting.

Legislative differences attributed to market maturity

The traditional focus for these protective measures has been exercised in areas that are commonly referred to as advanced or developed markets. These are nations and demographics that traditionally have more substantial levels of wealth and spending power. These were often contrasted with so-called emerging markets, marked not only by a difference in consumption habits/ability but also by a much higher rate of counterfeit items and piracy.

Calls for protective measures

The stark distinction between these two types of markets, however, has long since fallen away; while some distinctions certainly remain, the complex interconnection between markets means that a more comprehensive global strategy is needed. Supply chains, import/export avenues, and even economic unions create entangled systems with new challenges that need new solutions. Typically this calls for protective measures that can be implemented by experts inexperienced in the legal norms and cultural mores in multiple countries. 

Yellow Brand Protection offers the broadest search in the market, covering over 1000 marketplaces, social media platforms, apps, websites and domains, so we are ideally placed, as well as having expertise, in helping businesses to protect their brands across multiple markets. Furthermore, we believe that efficient brand protection requires local presence in key markets, which is why we are proud to have the largest brand protection team based in China, who work tirelessly to secure strong relationships with key marketplaces and local enforcement expertise.


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