Brand Protection Technology Key to Impeding Counterfeiters

The past few years have seen a huge rise in the use of the internet and technology in our everyday lives. This increase has notably affected the e-commerce industry immensely, with endless new opportunities arising on an almost monthly basis in the form of new platforms to sell from, websites to communicate through, and apps via which to carry out transactions. Naturally, these developments have also created new possibilities for counterfeiters and fraudsters to reach customers and target companies.    

The new online environment can be stressful and confusing, both for consumers and for companies, as counterfeiters constantly develop new ways of tricking shoppers and sidestepping authorities. Yet by the looks of it, the answer may lie in fighting fire with fire. Brand protection technology is being implemented more and more, and many big companies are introducing new, high-tech measures to thwart counterfeiters affecting their businesses.                             

From new processes on e-commerce platforms that allow rights owners to report infringements on their brands and immediately remove violators, to techniques allowing companies to identify fake versions of their products in a simple yet effective manner, the solutions come in all shapes and sizes and there seems to be no one right answer. The positive news is that brand protection is becoming a top priority issue for both companies and governments, and technology is being used as a very effective tool in putting an end to counterfeiting and intellectual property infringements.

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