Brand Protection Technology a Must for Retailers Operating Online

The online marketplace is a confusing and dangerous jungle for consumers and retailers, as fraudsters hide behind computer screens and maze-like supply chains. The implementation of brand protection technology could play a key role in protecting a firm in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. 

Advances in technology and the huge growth of online shopping have provided a world of new opportunities for counterfeiters. Better imitation techniques are making it all the more difficult to distinguish a knock-off from an authentic product, and the internet offers a landscape perfect for keeping one’s identity hidden. Servers, websites, consumers, and retailers can all be based in different countries, and tracing the origin of counterfeit products and vendors has become near impossible.

However, industry experts have begun teaming up with scientists and engineers in order to counter these developments. New methods are already being deployed, such as software to test product authenticity, innovative ways to mark original products and screening technology to remove counterfeit sellers from search engine results.       

As counterfeiting becomes more advanced, so must the brand protection technology being used by retailers. No company can rest easy without a brand protection strategy that is constantly being improved and updated to keep up with the developments of the industry.


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