Brand Protection Steps For Electronics Manufacturers

The counterfeit trade is affecting more and more industries each year, and one of the areas which is now being targeted is the B2B (business to business) sector. Electronics and automobile manufacturers have noticed an increase in the number of counterfeit parts coming in from suppliers and, unfortunately, a large quantity of fake parts are making their way undetected into finished products that are then sold on to end-users. Manufacturers could therefore be selling partly-counterfeited goods inadvertently and end up facing lawsuits as a result.

Brand protection in the electronics industry has become a much higher priority for manufacturers than it was only a decade ago. Manufacturers bear sole responsibility for the products that reach consumers, regardless of whether they themselves have also been duped along the way.

Companies can take the following steps to protect themselves and their consumers from this growing epidemic:

1. Make sure that you, and the companies with which you do business, follow national and international safety and quality standards and regulations.

2. Go one step further and only purchase products from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

3. Work closely with stakeholders and industry experts in order to prevent counterfeit products from entering your supply chain.

4. Take immediate action on counterfeiters if and when detected.


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