Brand Protection Services More Important than ever

Due to a growing number of external threats to high-value brands, and the fast evolution of counterfeit sales strategies, brand protection services have become more important than ever for all businesses, and especially for those with an online presence.

Not only does counterfeiting and IP infringement have a direct impact on sales for those whose products are copied, it can also tarnish their reputation and cause a lack of trust among consumers. The awareness of online infringement is on a steady rise, likely due to much-publicized cyberattacks around the world, and this may be the reason behind the general increase in demand for brand protection services.

Companies seem to be taking this task much more seriously, and the issue is no longer the sole responsibility of the marketing department. More and more resources are being dedicated to meeting this end, with legal departments, IT and communication increasingly getting involved. Furthermore, dedicated in-house Brand Protection Teams are also emerging as firms realise just how important and valuable the task of protecting their brand really is.



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