How Brand Protection Protects the Consumer Too

Fast-moving Consumer Goods, or FMCGs, are heavily reliant on the image and reputation of their brand. Because of their high-velocity nature, producers often need to focus on developing confidence, reliability, and trust with their customers. A particular brand comes to stand for something for those that purchase it, and customers become accustomed to receiving that standard every single time they purchase the product. It is exactly in these circumstances that counterfeit products can become so perilous and where brand protection in the FMCG industry is so essential.

The counterfeit impact on firms and consumers

Counterfeit condoms are a premier example of such a situation. Customers come to rely on specific brands to always and unfailingly provide them with safety, health, and peace of mind. When counterfeit versions of condoms are sold, they are not merely taking away otherwise legitimate sales — they are undercutting the customer’s relationship with the brand. Millions of dollars worth of counterfeit condoms were recently seized in various provinces all across China, thousands of fake condoms all created with significantly subpar manufacturing methods and in dangerously unsanitary conditions. Many of these fake and inferior condoms were sold under the guise of the major and most well-known brands. Below par and dangerous products are illegitimately using the long-earned reputation and consistency of actual brands, and in the process they damage the quality and reputation of the brand, as well as having potentially lasting effects on the consumer.

Brand protection for companies who sell FMCGs is essential to preserving the image and reputation of a product. Condoms are just one of many FMCGs that are susceptible to counterfeiting: such counterfeiting is difficult for the consumer to detect, it is relatively easy for malicious agents to create fraudulent packaging, and decentralized channels of distribution make these counterfeit items difficult to stop. You can help make it stop by spreading awareness about the dangers of counterfeits through the Yellow Brand Protection initiative - #ImForReal.


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