How to keep a brand protected in the Digital Age

Companies are experiencing more and more difficulty when it comes to brand protection due to advances in technology and changes in the way consumers do their shopping. E-commerce has reached unprecedented levels, mobile applications have changed the way we carry out everyday tasks, and social media monopolises all of our free time.   

As for brands, big and small, this incredible digital revolution has resulted in groundbreaking ways to communicate with consumers. Established names can build relationships with their customers through a variety of social channels, and younger brands can reach markets that would have been completely inaccessible to them before.

However, the new playing field has also created new opportunities for counterfeiters. As it turns out, social media represents a superb way for counterfeiters to also connect with consumers who may be tempted to, or tricked into, purchasing fake goods. Fraudsters have been known to market imitations in the comments sections of luxury brands’ own images, or even hijack other brands identities in order to sell knock-offs.

These developments mean that companies should work actively on protecting their brands online by adopting important measures, such as registering their product, design and packaging trademarks on the anti-counterfeiting programs of large e-commerce platforms. Also, like many companies have already begun applying, they should consider new techniques, advanced products and artificial intelligence solutions to improve their brand protection online.


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