Don't gift your sales to infringers this season


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019


Are your holiday sales forecasts accurate? You may not have planned for the seasonal spike in counterfeit listings found in online marketplaces, but your infringers already have.

With over a third of all online shopping taking place during the holiday season, it is no wonder that there are others getting ready to encroach on your sales. Check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday figures below to get an understanding of just how big these online shopping events have become and see why it is important to ensure your brand is sufficiently protected online during this time.

why it's not always the season of goodwill

Sadly, the number of counterfeit and infringing goods for sale online do increase over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and right through to the January sales. Yellow Brand Protection carried out an analysis to determine what impact this has on our clients' listings during this time and the results, as you will see below, were worrying.

Yellow Brand Protection understand just how challenging it can be to protect your sales and reputation online and encourage you to be extra vigilant during these holiday season events.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Statistics


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