Automotive industry flooded with dangerous imitations

The automotive industry is one of the areas of the economy that has been completely flooded with fake copies and cheap knock-offs during the past decade. With repairs costing an arm and a leg, many car owners are taking things into their own hands and purchasing new or second-hand parts online to be fitted at private or local garages. While this may save costs initially, consumers risk putting themselves and their passengers at serious risk in the long run.

With cheap, poor quality car part knock-offs being sold left, right and centre, the need for better brand protection in the automotive industry is rising rapidly. It is no longer solely a question of protecting a company’s image; it is now a matter of life and death. Fake car parts have even made their way into the world of motorsports, and brand owners are demanding that more be done to combat counterfeiters.

Useless imitations of innovations and high-tech products are one of the main offenders in the motorsport industry, with all imaginable areas of the sporting equipment being targeted. Imitation seatbelts, helmets, visors and other safety equipment and parts are sold online under legitimate brand names but usually at lower prices, attracting bargain hunters and unsuspecting consumers. Drivers should be suspicious of prices that seem too good to be true, however, as they usually are.

Its estimated that the counterfeit parts market is worth around a staggering US$20 billion and in 2017 around 600,000 fake components were seized globally. Its scary to think just how many serious accidents or even worse that this could cause. That is why Yellow Brand Protection has launched the #ImForReal initiative - to raise awareness amongst consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods. Take a look and join our campaign at


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